Use Floating Shelves in Any Room

Use Floating Shelves in Any Room

These days, you can't go into any home without seeing some form of floating shelves. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or in your bedroom, floating shelves have become one of the best ways to showcase your home decor while also being a place to store your most used items.

White Oak floating shelves in your kitchen

White Oak Floating Shelves

The most popular place to use floating shelves is in the kitchen. Nowadays, more and more folks are forgoing cabinets in favor of floating shelves to hold everyday items such as plates, bowls, and cups.

We love floating shelves because rather than have wall-to-wall cabinets, often made from composite materials such as MDF, floating shelves bring natural materials into space that make a home feel more welcoming and cozy while also providing the necessary storage solution that you need.

Consider checking out our white oak floating shelves for your kitchen or even your bathroom.

Floating shelves in your bathroom

The second most popular place for floating shelves is in the bathroom. Why? Because shelves in a bathroom provide space for all sorts of items from candles to hand towels and even extra toilet paper rolls. They're a great way to add natural warmth to a room that's often cold and basic.

Floating shelves in your bedroom

floating kids bookshelf

Floating shelves in bedrooms, particularly in kids' bedrooms is a great way to store and showcase your kids' artwork, books, and toys. We love using them to display our children's lego builds and art. We've also seen that used as a way to store items such as family photos and essential oil diffusers.

Floating shelves for photos and art

floating picture ledge shelf

Another popular use for floating shelves is to display artwork or photos. With a slim profile and an added front ledge, floating picture shelves allow you to display artwork and photos in a way that is a little more unique than just hanging them on the wall. 

There's no limit to floating shelves

solid white oak floating shelves

There's no limit to what floating shelves can be used for. No matter what the space, floating shelves are a fantastic way to add style and storage to your home. Check out our collection of floating shelves and see which one suits your room best.

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