Natural Wood Mantel

Upgrade Your Fireplace with a Solid Natural Wood Mantel

If you're like most home owners, your fireplace is a central focal point in your living space. And if your current fireplace mantel is looking a little dated, it's the perfect time to upgrade with a beautiful solid natural wood mantel. Our mantels are handcrafted from the finest hardwoods and come in a variety of sizes to suit your fireplace. Here's a look at some of the beautiful spaces we've helped transform with the use of our mantels.

White Oak has become one of the more popular woods over the last few years because of its neutral color and modern clean look. It's a perfect choice for those looking to create a bright and airy space.

We worked with Crystal Myers, an interior designer based out of Woodland California to make this custom 10-foot natural wood mantel (yes, you read that right). It turned out beautiful and along with our Minimalist Dining Room table, it truly transformed her living space into something special.

White Oak Mantel

Next up is was a beautiful home renovation located in San Diego, California. This home had been completely remodeled from head to toe and they were looking for an interesting way to add some flair to their long fireplace mantel. We worked with them to create a custom natural wood mantel using solid white oak. In fact, the mantel was so long we needed to divide it into two sections. The results were stunning and added the perfect finishing touch to the home.

White Oak Mantel

This home located just outside of Los Angeles was looking for an upgrade to their fireplace and alcove area and requested we do an 80-inch long mantel along with bench tops for each side of the fireplace.

White Oak Mantel Fireplace

The before and after was a huge difference and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Finally, we have a beautiful home in North Carolina that was in need of an updated mantel. This particular home had a very short and dated mantel that wasn't doing the space any justice. We worked with the homeowners to create a new walnut mantel using solid sustainably source walnut and boy were the results stunning.

Walnut Mantel Front

If you're thinking about updating your fireplace mantel, we'd love to help. We offer a variety of sizes and woods to choose from and can even create custom mantels to fit your specific space. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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